Remote Lab

This website is the gateway to logging into the CEI2105 lab :

  • You will need to use your uwinid (no and password to connect using either method described below.

  • You can use the ‘AccessPortal’ to connect to the lab using your web browser, this is the easiest way to connect.

  • The ‘AccessPad’ is an application that you install on your computer that will allow you to connect to the lab. It gives better performance than the ‘AccessPortal’.

  • If you install ‘AccessPad’, you’ll need to specify the server ‘’. (see image below)

  • Once you have connected with either ‘AccessPad’ or ‘AccessPortal’, open up the ‘CEI2105’ folder, than open a ‘Desktop’ and you will be connected to the lab.

  • It takes about a minute or so for the system to log you in. It should also automatically map your OneDrive folders.

  • When you are done using the system, please log-out by right clicking on the start button -> Shut down or sign out -> Sign out. If you disconnect without signing out, the system will terminate your open session after 30 minutes.