Flight Dynamics and Control of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Course Description

Flight dynamics modelling for fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft. Low-Reynolds number considerations applicable to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Control theory and state-space control schemes. State-space controller design for UAVs. Lab(s) involving control of virtual and/or physical UAV models.

Class and lab information

  • Lecture: 3 hours/week

  • Laboratory or tutorial: 2 hours/week

  • Additional, approximate study hours: 7 hours/week, as student requires

  • Estimated division of Learning hours

    • hands-on labs and activities: N/A

    • group work: N/A

    • lecture: 20%

    • individual work (including homework, project, and tutorials): 55%

    • class discussion (during lecture time): 25%

  • Credit weight: 3.0

  • Course format: face-to-face content summaries, examples, and questions with online and textbook-based readings, videos, tutorials, etc.

  • Pre-requisites