Control Theory

Course Description

Control system concepts, linear modelling and analysis of response and stability of physical systems, complex variables and Laplace transforms, frequency, and transient response analysis and performance specifications.

Class and lab information

  • Lecture: 3 hours/week

  • Laboratory or tutorial: 1.5 hours/week

  • Additional, approximate study hours: 5 hours/week, as student requires

  • Estimated division of Learning hours

    • hands-on labs and activities: 0-10%

    • group work: N/A

    • lecture: 40%

    • individual work (including homework, project, and tutorials): 40-50%

    • class discussion (during lecture time): 10%

  • Credit weight: 3.5

  • Course format: face-to-face content summaries, examples, and questions with online and textbook-based readings, videos, tutorials, etc.

  • Pre-requisites